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Lesya Liu

Founder & CEO

What I Work On

Boundless Agency

Boundless Agency is the combination of years of expertise in the digital marketing industry and a passion for mission-driven businesses.

LinkedIn Creator

I write about growth marketing, mission-driven companies, and entrepreneurship.

Media Appearances

I have been featured in major media publications, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, HuffPost and more.

What I Do

Growth Marketing for Mission-driven businesses

With over 8 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve honed my expertise in growth marketing, funnels, and paid media. My passion for creating exceptional brand experiences online led me to establish Boundless Agency, a dynamic digital advertising agency.

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"Not only is she savvy with the ins and outs of each platform's algorithm, but she also brings a level of marketing expertise and leadership that takes any project she is on to the next level."

Colby Flood

"In my 8+ years managing marketing teams, Lesya is one of the employees who stands out."

Alex Rhodes

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