Instagram and Facebook Advertising Masterclass

Instagram and Facebook Advertising Masterclass

After spending more than $10,000 in ads in my own business and managing 5-figure budgets for clients, I’ve learned a thing or two the hard way.

You don’t have to though.

In this hour-long video masterclass, we will dive deep into how to:


create Facebook and Instagram campaigns;


optimize and improve the performance of your Facebook ads;


so you can maximize revenue and ROI.

Instagram is more than a collection of pretty pictures. It is an effective business tool.

Would you like to see similar results in your business?

34 cents per click from your ideal audience.

78 cents per email signup.

65% of COLD traffic converting into email subscribers.

Paid advertising return on investment – 3x.

what you’ll achieve:


How to choose the right campaign objective;


How to find and target people who are most likely to convert;


How to uncover what types of ads truly works for your business;


How to create an irresistible ad your target audience wants to engage with;


How to track the performance of your ads on and off Facebook to measure and maximize ROI.

Because it’s a recorded class, you can take it in all at once or follow along to create your effective Facebook advertising.

“Before this course, I was intimidated by Facebook advertising and had no idea what I was doing! I’ve boosted a few posts before and, of course, was pretty disappointed with the results. With Lesya’s detailed explanations and walkthroughs, I was able to set up a campaign up and running — and now I have leads approaching me!


Stop wasting time and money and start making money on these platforms by reaching your ideal audience.


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