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5 Instagram mistakes that halt your account growth

(that no one talks about)

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“I did the first two days and suddenly I started getting people following me who were actually my target client—all from just the first two days (it was her helpful guide about the hashtags that did it, I’m convinced).”

Ashly Hilst of Ink&Grace Editing

Join over 3,000 business owners inside the course.

What will you accomplish after taking this challenge?


Day 1

Find troves of your ideal audience members on Instagram who needs your expertise;


Day 2

Create a feed flow with what you’ve got already (even if you’re not a photographer);


Day 3

Attract engagement and ideal audience by shifting your mindset around Instagram content;


Day 4

Turn your Instagram presence into a lead-generation engine (since we are all about the business here);


Day 5

Stand out and differentiate yourself from your competition on Instagram.

“Ahhhhh! Engagement is way up! I gained new followers that are the sort I’d like to be connected with! This is miles better than the tons of other IG books/groups I’ve worked with. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer of Jen’s A Little Loopy

I am so glad you are here

My name is Lesya. I am an Instagram marketing strategist who empowers digital strategists and coaches to make Instagram their most effective business channel.

I do that by cutting through the fluff, streamlining processes, and maximizing results for your efforts.

With a little guidance from me, you will build a successful Instagram presence that showcases your expertise and attracts ideal clients, which translates into more sales and an amazing business you love waking up to every day.