You want a clear, personalized Instagram strategy; and you want it now.

I got you, boo.

You want a clear, personalized Instagram strategy; and you want it now.

I got you, boo.

A 6-week VIP coaching intensive that will provide you with a personalized action plan and a clear implementation guide.

No more second-guessing your decisions.

No more piecemealing your strategies.

You will feel confident, creative, and thus, empowered to create an Instagram presence that attracts and converts the right audience.

“I wasn’t an Instagram newbie. I’d taken webinars, read articles, thought I knew how to find hashtags, etc… Since I’ve implemented her suggestions, my followers have increased by 11%—and are climbing consistently. I am more confident and feel like I have the tools, the vision, and a plan to start making Instagram profitable for my business. I can’t recommend Lesya highly enough. She is more than worth the investment.

Ashly Hilst of Ink&Grace Editing

You have great gifts to share with the world. Your business offers something different from others in your niche. You (naturally) want to be the go to source in your niche.

You’ve heard about the great reach and exposure Instagram provides for creative businesses. But time and time again, you see your competitors build an amazing Instagram brand. While you are dancing in the same spot.

You go online to search for that solution. You quickly get frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of advice out there. Any course that promises quick Instagram growth costs $300 and teaches you to use bots or follow-for-follow techniques.

So, you continue to piecemeal your strategy without clearly understanding what to do and what really works.

You’ve spread yourself a little bit too thin (again), looking for ways to bring in more clients without doing more work.

To do that, you need more people to know about you and your business.

To convert these people, you need to show your expertise and personality.

Once you do it, you’ll build a community of raving fans and referrals, so

you can focus on providing the most value instead of worrying about how to bring in more money.

Once you have the right tools, the execution is easy.

When you take a course, your intentions usually fall flat because you do not complete the course, or you do not implement the strategies to their full potential. Most likely, you’re purchasing the course, because you lack the expertise to begin with. How can you expect expert implementation? Whereas if you get a personalized action plan from an expert, you are much clearer on what to do and how to do it best.

What’s included

Review of your current process


6 45-minute 1:1 calls

Recording of all sessions

Assignments and tools

My strategy

Online realm is saturated with coaches, creatives, mavens, and gurus. So how do you stand out? By creating a genuine and engaging experience for your ideal clients. They land on your Instagram and they instantly know they are in the right place.

If you have a stunning visual presence paired with holistic and unique brand storytelling and you know how to get in front of your audience that needs your offering now, you will be in the golden. Independently of algorithm changes.

“Before Lesya’s coaching, my Instagram strategy was non-existent. My feed was a mishmash of uncoordinated design work, photographs of myself that didn’t blend with my feed and random photographs that I thought of on the fly.

With Lesya’s help, I have been able to purge my feed of old images guilt free and create a new feed that not only looks more streamlined, is easy to maintain too.

I’ve done loads of research, followed other experts and tried plenty of techniques. It was only with this personalized service from Lesya that I felt on top of it all. It’s a no-brainer.

Gina Lucia

Instagram is more than a collection of pretty stock images. It is an effective business tool.

I am not going to lie, Instagram is pretty noisy. Yet, if you start doing it right, you will be able to stand out and beat your competition which still acts as though Instagram is nothing more than pretty pictures.

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Do you have, or are you willing to find the funds to be a part of this program? It's a $800 investment paid in full, or two payments of $450.

“Before, Lesya’s consultation I was struggling to stay consistent with posting on Instagram and figuring out my aesthetic style. After working with her, she encouraged me about my writing style and showed me how to leverage it for Instagram growth and to enhance my business. She also provided beautiful ideas on how to make my Instagram more appealing and now I feel much more confident about my content.

Yentl of YOUnfolded

To live your fullest life and to leave a mark, you need your business to be seen.

I am so glad you are here

My name is Lesya. I am an Instagram marketing strategist who empowers creative business owners to make Instagram their most effective business channel.

I do that by cutting through the fluff, streamlining processes, and maximizing results for your efforts.

Starting with ways to promote my own photography business to interning at one of the premier art institutions in the nation to working for some emerging and 6-figure brands, I’ve “been there, done that.”

Most days you can find me sipping on my third cup of coffee and roaming the Interwebs for fresh ideas and inspirational visuals. Unless, I am watching cat videos.

I am passionate about helping creatives who want to make a full-time living doing what they love. With its visual nature and high engagement potential, Instagram is the place to be for that!

With a little guidance from me, you will build a successful Instagram presence that showcases your expertise and attracts ideal clients, which translates into more sales and an amazing business you love waking up to every day.

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