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Epic Instagram Engagement in 30 Days

Transform your Instagram presence. Increase brand exposure. Create meaningful relationships. Attract ideal customers. All in 30 days.

Epic Instagram Engagement in 30 Days

Transform your Instagram presence. Increase brand exposure. Create meaningful relationships. Attract ideal customers. All in 30 days.

Have you noticed a dramatic drop in engagement on Instagram lately?

No matter what you do on Instagram, your following seems to stay in the same spot with no noticeable progress?

I get it. Time constraints and the sheer amount of advice on the Internet sends you in an overwhelm mode and creative paralysis.

You are unsure on what to do exactly so you stay in the same place, waiting for a solution to show up.

It’s here. Simple, yet powerful. It only takes you 15 minutes a day… and enables you to make progress fast!


the Epic Instagram Engagement in 30 Days course

Every day you will receive a short video lesson with one specific and actionable engagement tactic accompanied by a user-friendly brainstorm worksheet to get your creative juices flowing. Then, all you have to do is to put the strategy into practice.

Fun experience that feels like a party on the coolest platform! (because it is.)

NO overwhelm.

NO paralyzing decision-making.

Because in order to follow through on any strategy, you should be excited about it.

30 Videos Prompts Focused on Specific Tactics

and a Workbook to Follow

Imagine gaining more business exposure without sacrificing fun and creative process.

Instagram marketing seems to be the staff of nightmares for small creative entrepreneurs. The very people for whom Instagram should be a perfect fit!

Here is what you will achieve

How to show off a unique brand personality to stand out and create immediate connection so that competition has no chance of snagging these potential customers from you
How to engage existing followers and gain new ones (because obviously)
How to easily hack engagement because the more engagement you build, the more momentum you are putting in your presence
Amplify engagement on your content, so it can land in Explore section
Earn a preferential treatment from the algorithm itself for an extra push

Plus, a whole arsenal of tactics you can mix and match, so you can create a wholesome, authentic, and ENGAGING Instagram presence!

This course will bring in a structure to introduce more productivity without sacrificing fun and creative process.

These engagement tactics work independently of what Instagram algorithm throws at you next — theY are build on marketing principles that create a lasting change.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

Your investment is just $299

Pay in full or split into 2 payments of $169.

You can transform your Instagram presence in just 30 days.

Instagram is more than pretty pictures. It’s a powerful platform to share your message with the world.

No matter how small your audience might be right now, once you build this momentum with Instagram algorithm, you can expect more exposure and more people falling in love with you and your brand.

Make the algorithm work for you by pushing your content out into more feeds and even Explore section and bringing in more and more of your ideal audience.

Make Instagram an effective channel to drive exposure, engagement and sales into your business.

Learn the rules of the game, gain clarity in your strategy, and get the most important things done.

All the strategies are designed to prompt human response, so algorithm changes will not affect these strategies. Plus, precisely because of the algorithm, once you build this momentum through engagement, your posts will be seen by more people organically.

Seems too fun and easy — can it really effective?

Yes, because the best solutions are usually the simplest. I made it fun on purpose so you want to follow through and complete it. You don’t have to be a marketing whiz. If you are already present on Instagram, you have the necessary knowledge to complete this course. Plus, because you have a lifetime access, you can go through the lessons as many times as you want.

This course is perfect for creatives who know their target audience and need just a little boost in engagement.

You can keep your regular posting schedule. You can keep the software you are using — I won’t tell you to buy followers or invest in expensive bot software. No icky tactics involved! We’re taking steps to encourage engagement, build momentum and make your business reach more people.

I know the feeling of overwhelm and confusion. While you are crossing things off of her to do list, your list doesn’t get any smaller. Between the work you need to do on your website / email / social media and clients’ work, you have no choice but to put some things on hold. If you have just 15 minutes a day to spare on your Instagram presence (the channel that’s supposed to bring in exposure and sales), you will succeed.


Imagine 30 days from now. You could double (or even triple) your Instagram engagement and gain new followers, who are excited to become paying customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if by the time I am done with this, the algorithm changes again? Now what?

No worries. All the lessons here are designed to prompt human response, so algorithm changes will not affect these strategies.

I can't follow through on 30 days of information.
The info is presented in short 3-5 minute long videos plus one accompanying worksheet which makes it super easy to just spend 15 minutes a day on it. Also, I recommend setting yourself reminder on your phone to complete one lesson each day.
What if I am not an Instagram marketing whiz?
You don’t have to be. All of the strategies are explained and require no technical know-how.
Do I really need to spend money on this? Can't I find all this info for free?
Because of everything that is on the Web these days, you probably could find a majority of these stuff on different websites from different people. However, it would require more time and effort to find it, put it together, decide what’s important, create a plan, and implement these exact strategies. Do you really need more work? Would you rather see results in 30 days from now?