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Stop making the 5 most common Instagram marketing mistakes

How many of these oh-so-common Instagram mistakes are you unknowingly making? Find out and fix them to successfully promote your business on Instagram.


Join me in this FREE webinar to learn the 5 mistakes that halt your follower and engagement growth and bring your efforts to zero,


so that:


You can build massive, genuine following,

Increase engagement organically,

Bring in more sales and revenue with Instagram.

Not only do I cover and explain these oh-so-common mistakes, I also tell you how to fix the course and not make these mistakes ever again! I am talking about going really deep into the psychology behind Instagram marketing and how to make your handle irresistible for current and potential followers and customers.

What will you accomplish after spending an hour of your time with me?


Mistake #1

A super simple action you’re not taking that prevents you from gaining exposure;


Mistake #2

An often-overlooked details that takes your feed from “meh” to awesome;


Mistake #3

An essential mindset shift in your approach that makes people want to follow you;


Mistake #4

A critcial step that will justify Instagram as a business platform and streamline your efforts;


Mistake #5

A limiting belief that you should get rid of today to start seeing massive results.

You probably think that:

  • You need to spend hours a day on Instagram;
  • You need to spend a lot of money to see high engagement;
  • You need a ton of followers for your content to be pushed into Explore section;
  • You need to be some sort of celebrity for people to like and follow your account;
  • You need to be an epic photographer to have an appealing follow-worthy feed.

To that I say: none of this is true.

You’re clever, inventive, persistant, and resourceful.

You have a story to tell and you want to be heard. What is a better way to storytell than online?

Instagram provides a massive opportunity to nimble and swift creatives, like you, to gain a huge competitive advantage.

You have a business to run.

I understand that; and so I won’t tell you to spend hours a day on one platform.

I also don’t want you to throw money at something that can work great organically.

I will show you the way.


Do you want to make Instagram your most effective marketing channel?

who am i?

Hi, my name is Lesya.

I’m a social media strategist, photographer, and a believer.

I am a creative solopreneur on a mission to help this community. By combining my passion for arts and marketing, I can help you tell the story of your business both visually and textually.

I will show you effective, straight-forward approaches to social marketing, and I will give you the tools to implement those steps and see the results.

I love working with creatives and see them succeed.