Let’s get you out of the creative block and comparison rut.

Let’s get you out of the creative block and comparison rut.

I help Coaches + Strategists who struggle with visibility, so you can spread your message, and finally get rid of overwhelm.


Communicating your mission and vision in clear ways, attracting the people who need you.


Treating your Instagram account as a business tool with actual strategy and actual purpose.


Optimizing your Instagram account to create leads and convert them into paying customers.


It will take much more than “getting a unified filter” or “uploading a clear profile pic.” (sorry…)

If your follower count is hovering around the same number of followers for months;

If you haven’t had the time or resources to devote to it;

If you are burnt out and feel absolutely lost in the sea of generic advice, like “post beautiful images;”

If you are doing “just fine” but not “great,” and you don’t see nearly as many inquiries as your expertise deserves;

If you want more traffic coming to your website and more clients signing on the auto-pilot.


I will give you the direction and the tools you need.

I made it my job to be up-to-date on the ever-changing Instagram algorithm so you don’t have to.

I am all for smart – not busy – work. You can’t spend 20 hours a day on Instagram (like I do).

To live your fullest life and to leave a mark, you need your business to be seen ONLINE.

Hi, my name is Lesya.


I have doubled social followers for multi-million dollar companies, used Instagram to capitalize on major television appearances, and helped small local businesses put their presence on the map.

Now I’ve set out to help creative entrepreneurs make digital marketing their new best friend. My personal record is 1 million people reached organically for one company in particular.

I’ve been creating digital marketing campaigns since 2012. Starting with ways to promote my own photography business for free to interning at one of the premier art institutions in the nation to consulting small and emerging 6-figure brands — including some crowdfunding successes and Shark Tank appearances — I’ve tried and done a lot of things.

Most days you can find me roaming the Interwebs for fresh, inspirational ideas, or testing things out on my own social channels.

By combining my passion for arts and marketing, I can help you tell the unique story of your business. I will show you effective, straight-forward approaches to see the results you want.

I won’t waste your time. Instead, I will teach you how to build a successful Instagram presence that feels right for your business and attracts the right type of clients for you. Which translates into more sales, better customer relationship, and overall amazing business you love to wake up to every day.


You get onto Instagram, spend a lot of time adoring someone else’s content, getting all inspired to show your true self online… And then, you get stuck and unsure on what to post, when to post it, and what to say so that people want to hire YOU.


I will help you:


get found in a crowded market,


finally become confident in what you have to say,


and how to do it in the most effective way, so that more people visit your website and sign on for your services.

So you can get all excited and confident in your Instagram presence.

Because it is not about who’s got the most followers.

Because sourcing leads on autopilot by just being yourself and sharing your expertise never felt more rewarding.

Because charging pay premium prices for your knowledge feels right — and now it is justified.

Are you ready to attract more clients?

“I wasn’t an Instagram newbie. Since I’ve implemented Lesya’s suggestions, my followers have increased by 11%—and are climbing consistently. I am more confident and feel like I have the tools, the vision, and a plan to start making Instagram profitable for my business. I can’t recommend Lesya highly enough. She is more than worth the investment.”

Ashly Hilst of Ink&Grace Editing

You don’t need to become the next Instagram influencer to make this platform your most profitable and effective channel in finding and converting clients.

This is why we won’t be buying likes and followers. However, we will go much deeper than assembling pretty pictures into 3 x 3 grids. Like way deeper.

Best of all, this doesn’t involve 24/7 hustle. Because this lifestyle enables you to do the thing you truly enjoy, whether it is spending more time travelling, learning, reading, building mood boards, taking photos, going on those coffee dates with your girlfriends, or whatever else you’re into.

Let craft your aligned Instagram presence can enable more passive ways of finding ideal clients.


Without the burnout. Without struggle. Without creative paralysis.

I believe that each individual has a unique gift, skill or talent, which if used correctly, can benefit not only the individual but a whole society. I am obsessed with helping your Instagram presence communicate your mission to others, to those who need you. Because when your work has a meaningful impact on people, it’s really difficult not to get excited and propel yourself forward even harder.

You are on a passion-fueled mission. I am too. Let’s work together.

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