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Let’s get you out of the creative block and comparison rut.

You get onto Instagram, spend a lot of time adoring someone else’s content, getting all inspired to show your true self online… And then, you get stuck and unsure on what to post, when to post it, and what to say so that people want to hire YOU.
I will help you.

I am so glad you are here


My name is Lesya. I am an Instagram marketing strategist who empowers creative business owners to make Instagram their most effective business channel.

I do that by cutting through the fluff, streamlining processes, and maximizing results for your efforts.

Most days you can find me sipping on my third cup of coffee and roaming the Interwebs for fresh ideas and inspirational visuals. Unless, I am watching cat videos.

Like many of my clients, I started my business because I desired freedom and creative expression. I credit my awakening to the world of entrepreneurship to Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek. I tore into this book during lunch breaks at my life-sucking job, so I could create my own rules and help those like me along the way.

Perhaps, if it wasn’t for that sucky first “big girl” job, I wouldn’t challenge the status quo. After all, I had a photography business while I was in college, and my first internship was with one of the premier art institutions in the nation. Yet, there I was in a cubicle, in a boring office job, even though digital marketing gets me all fired up.

Combining my background in written and visual content, I was drawn to Instagram. Instagram is the place to be for creatives! Yet, so many of them do not know how to effectively promote their hustle on this platform. Most of them fail to recognize that Instagram is a business tool that needs to be treated as such.

I get it. When I first started the blog, my idea was to post every other day and prepare for the money to pour in, without me doing any promotion. After all, my content was amazing; better than what some people charge for! Spoiler alert: I was overwhelmed and burned out before I’ve ever seen my first sale.

Fast-forwarding through lots of testing and failing, I found a way out. I am happy to report that you do not have to be miserable to support yourself financially. In fact, the more satisfied and fulfilled you feel in your profession, the more opportunities start coming your way.

I’ve helped established businesses and emerging 6-figure brands put their presence on the map.

I love helping creative entrepreneurs who want to write the rules of their own life. They are inventive, clever, and persistent. This is the type of people who change the world by creating ripple effects all around them.

We won’t be buying likes and followers. We will find an audience who love what you have to offer to the world.

Lesya helps you cut through the confusion and clutter of countless marketing strategies that might (or might not!) fit with your branding. Her in-depth, personal consultation is insightful, thorough, and inspiring! I’m so grateful for her input!”

Claudia Rose Art

If you are burnt out and feel absolutely lost in the sea of generic advice, like “post beautiful images;”
If your follower count is hovering around the same number of followers for months; and you haven’t had the time or resources to devote to its growth;
If you want more traffic coming to your website and more clients signing on the auto-pilot;
If you are doing “just fine” but not “great,” and you don’t see nearly as many inquiries as your expertise deserves.

I will give you the direction and the tools you need.

“Before, Lesya’s consultation I was struggling to stay consistent with posting on Instagram and figuring out my aesthetic style. After working with her, she encouraged me about my writing style and showed me how to leverage it for Instagram growth and to enhance my business. She also provided beautiful ideas on how to make my Instagram more appealing and now I feel much more confident about my content.

Yentl of YOUnfolded

You get onto Instagram, spend a lot of time adoring someone else’s content, getting all inspired to show your true self online… And then, you get stuck and unsure on what to post, when to post it, and what to say so that people want to hire YOU.

I am glad you found my Website!

You will finally feel confident in your Instagram presence.

Because once you gain clarity in your strategy, you show up powerfully in your business. 

Because sourcing leads on autopilot by sharing your expertise has never felt more rewarding.

Because charging pay premium prices for your knowledge feels right — and now it is justified.

I made it my job to be up-to-date on the ever-changing Instagram algorithm so you don’t have to.

I am all for smart – not busy – work. You can’t spend 20 hours a day on Instagram (like I do).

I believe that each individual has a unique gift, skill or talent, which if used correctly, can benefit not only the individual but a whole society. I am obsessed with helping your Instagram presence communicate your mission to others, to those who need you. Because when your work has a meaningful impact on people, it’s really difficult not to get excited and propel yourself forward even harder.

You are on a passion-fueled mission. I am too. Let’s work together.