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Post to Profit

Instagram Community

Wouldn’t it be nice to get THE latest trends and advice on Instagram marketing?

I mean, you’re paying for courses that could have been created years ago… and Instagram changes ALL THE TIME!

So, why not keep your Instagram training up-to-date?

Now you can.


Post to Profit Private Community

EXCLUSIVE MONTHLY TRAININGS about hat works on Instagram now

Inside this community, you will find


Recorded trainings

Each month, we will dive deep into an aspect of Instagram marketing informed by conversations inside the community.


Live Q&A sessions

Where you can ask your hard-pressing questions and get the answer right away!


Vibrant private community

We’re like-minded entrepreneurial people who love to help each other!


Hot seats

Wouldn’t you love to get specific feedback on your Instagram handle, with suggestons on how to take it to the next level?


Expert guest interviews

Hear it from the people who have “been there, done that.”


... and more!

The official launch is the end of May 2019.

Hi, my name is Lesya.


I’m a full-time digital marketing manager. Starting with ways to promote my own photography business for free to interning at one of the premier art institutions in the nation to consulting small and emerging 6-figure brands — including some crowdfunding successes and Shark Tank appearances — I’ve tried and done a lot of things.

Now I’ve set out to help creative entrepreneurs make digital marketing their new best friend.

By combining my passion for arts and marketing, I can help you tell the unique story of your business.

I will show you effective, straight-forward approaches to see the results you want.