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grow your email list with instagramSocial media provides a great way of discovering new customers and being discovered by them. The majority of your efforts on social media should lead to creating leads.

However, it’s a bit challenging with Instagram because the network is pretty self-enclosed. You get only one organic live link and it’s not easily tracked. However, there are still a lot of solid reasons to collect emails on Instagram.

Email lists have the best ROI, the strongest loyalty levels; plus, it’s the one marketing channel you own. Social media platforms can change rules and algorithms, but you have full control of your emails. If visitors give you their email, they show a sign of trust and interest in your brand.

If they haven’t bought from you yet, they might in the future. They might be unsure about the value of your offering, they might not be at a purchasing stage yet, but they anticipate a need in your product.

The biggest value of your email list is that a lot of them are your raving fans. They bought your product and they signed up for your newsletter. That can only mean they love your product and want more of it.

They want to know when you will offer new and related products, and if you’re running any promotions they can take advantage of. These people are your pot of gold. They will continue buying more and more of your products.

Few people think of Instagram as a lead-generating tool, but it definitely is — if done correctly.

Mention it occasionally

The first, easiest way to start a list is to simply ask your existing followers to sign up but do it sporadically. Asking too often won’t get a subscriber but might just lose a follower. Once in a while create a post highlighting the benefits of signing up for your emails. Show the value they get and what’s in it for them. It could be insider previews, special promotions or unique content not found anywhere else.

grow email list on Instagram

Link in bio: check; an image promoting the email challenge: check.

Needless to say, your email newsletter have to do all of the things you’ve promised. Make it interesting for them; create a sense of a special insiders’ club they want to be a part of.

Now that they follow you on Instagram and are also subscribed to your emails, it becomes so much easier for your company to stay on top of their mind.

Gracefully direct them off Instagram

Your bio link should send them to a special landing page. Do not send them off wandering around your website with tons of options for them. Remember that the more options you give them,the less they’re likely to choose any of them.

Instead, create a special page that will continue a cohesive brand experience off the app. Here, you have control over your visuals, text, and any multimedia. Place a signup form on this page and give them a reason to join.

Remember, that Instagram is very visual, so these people expect a lot of visuals on the landing page as well. Plus, keep in mind that they’re most likely on their smartphone, so make it mobile-friendly and lightweight.

Every time you create a landing page for Instagram, ensure you have a short form on it; it might be best to only ask for their name and email address. If you ask your potential subscribers 20 questions before actually signing them up, they will leave the process (especially while they’re struggling to type up answers on their smartphone).

Also, I would not recommend setting up popup boxes on that page. Remember, they’re on the phone, so it’s simply annoying when a form blocks the whole screen and distracts them from reading.

If you’d like to collect more information, ask yourself if you really need it to the point of running a risk of not getting any information at all. Don’t forget that if you’d like to gain more insight into your audience, you can send them an occasional survey in a newsletter that people can fill out at their convenience.

Provide them with a reason to leave the app

How do you get people to click over to your landing page? Create an irresistible free offer for them for leaving the app to visit your website. Besides sharing your URL, explain in your bio what’s in it for them.

The best crafted Instagram bios attract people and convert them not only into followers, but also email subscribers and paying customers.

However, at this point you need to give them something of rfree to entice them. It may be as simple as a free discovery call or a sample of your product. It can also be free resources, like e-books, checklists, whitepapers or any other resource your audience will find valuable. Let them download it in exchange for their email address.

It can’t be said enough that the content you put out should be worthwhile. Otherwise, if readers are disappointed with an item they received for sharing their email, you’re only hurting your reputation. Having a bait-and-switch tactic in place will only hurt you in a long run and decrease your chances of ever growing an email subscriber list that’s of any worth to your business.

Get Email Subscribers on Instagram

If you’re a blogger looking for free stock images — how can you not want to sign up?!

Employ ads

Since Instagram ads are run through Facebook, you have a variety of business objectives as well as tools to target the right people.

This strategy is like email list building on steroids. Create a beautiful ad with a short description and a call to action to visit your website. Again, give away something valuable of rfree. It may be a free downloadable resource, a webinar registration page, or a free sample of your product or service. When creating landing pages for ads, repeat the same steps as mentioned above. Depending on who you are targeting with your ads, it may be their first interaction with your brand. Ensure it’s great and memorable.

Also, set up a thank you page to track how many people visited the page versus how many actually signed up. This will help you track your conversion rate (and thus allow to optimize it), but also will justify your ad spend.

Instagram can be as effective as any other “more traditional” platform for growing your email list and driving leads for your business. You just have to get a bit more creative in your execution.

grow email list Instagram

You can also share your own email address for all those who want to inquire about your service.

Remember that while Instagram is an awesome platform, it is just a step in your sales funnel; plus, this channel is not owned by you. So while you may have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, you want to capture their email addresses, so that they become brand followers by continuing the conversation through a more reliable communication channel and purchases.

Even if you might not have a paid offer them or you’re unsure on how to start email marketing, collecting their emails will prove very beneficial in the long run once you have something to offer or some news to send. So, do not overlook the importance of this step.

Are you collecting emails of your Instagram followers? Do you have any tactics not mentioned in this post? Share in the comment section below or head over to Instagram @lesyaliu, I would love to know!