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Check Facebook Message Requests FolderContrary to what many believe, Facebook actually cares about you. In attempts to limit the amount of spam you get, the platform has another “hidden” inbox folder for all messages that it perceives to be spammy.

It’s called “Message Requests,” and you can think of it as basically a spam folder.

While a lot of times the filters do a pretty good job at recognizing spam, sometimes a genuinely good messages end up there as well. Particularly this happens when you are not connected with that person.

Why care? Well, if you use Facebook for business, which I am sure you do, you’ll understand.

I frequently use the platform to find new connections and collaborate. It is apparent that since new potential connections are not connections just yet, a lot of them land in the “Message Requests” folder.

Since new potential connections are not connections just yet, a lot of them land in the “Message Requests” folder.

If you’re using Facebook Groups, which you absolutely should, people from those groups may be attempting to contact you only to land in this “secret” folder. Since most of us don’t check this folder often (and some of us are not even aware of this folder, it may look like you’re ignoring questions or requests from potential clients, which takes a toll on your business positioning.

Plus, sometimes potential clients might come across your personal, and not business account. This is especially true if you’re using your name as a business name.

So, be mindful of this folder and check Facebook Message Requests at least once a week.

  • Log in to your account,
  • Click on Messages icon and next to “recent,”
  • You’ll see “Message Requests,”
  • Now click on “See filtered requests.”

facebook message requests

Be prepared to get furious about the amount of potential opportunities you (almost) missed out on. Maybe not everything is bad though, but a lot of people do get mad.

The previous method works on the desktop. What if you are on the phone? I got you!

On your phone:

  • Go to Messenger app,
  • click on the Settings button (the one that looks like a gearwheel),
  • From there, go to “People,”
  • Then “Message Requests,”
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page and there you’ll find “See filtered requests.”

Check Facebook Message Requests Folder

And that’s how you check all of your Facebook inboxes!

Once you accept and respond to those messages, they usually automatically get moved to your regular inbox.

However, the need to get into habit of checking the folder at least once every few days is apparent. If you are an active member of Facebook groups, you absolutely have to check that folder quite often! In fact, I’d say that most of the messages from people you’re not connected to will land in this “hidden” inbox.

The need to get into habit of checking this folder at least once every few days is apparent.

This is not to say that every message in that folder is important. Again, a lot of times Facebook is pretty accurate at filtering scam and spam.

Did you know about this folder? Are you checking it often? Share in the comment section below or head over to Facebook to continue the conversation.

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